07 December 2012

Mid-Days Break :)

I need to point out, this post does NOT contain anything I'm asking for as a holiday gift. I just wanted ya'll to appreciate that some of my gift requests are super reasonable!

 Those who love me should take note of the fact that I don't have a bunch of technical or expensive hobbies. I have items for less than $20! My idea of music and light requests for the holidays are satisfied by one song at a time downloaded from iTunes, or a new bulb for the dining room light.

I'm sure you have people on your list who want high-quality, sophisticated equipment. But I'm not one of them. I'm perfectly happy singing along to carols with the five-year-old.

1 comment:

siteseer said...

I'm with you. I was just laughing to myself as the guys at the office were sharing an 'app' and then they both walked away staring at their respective 'phones' doing some kind of techy something. lol