25 November 2012

Weekend in Review

I just may have bitten off more than I can chew with a 'Weekend In Review' post after a four/five day weekend!

Wednesday was the beginning of the weekend for Maggie! So we headed to a play date and lunch with friends. I love me some Noodles & Co. Truffle Mac with Steak - YUM! As we were finishing up lunch, hubby called to say he was leaving work early too - yay! He met us at the mall for a little while. I got a little bit of stocking stuffer shopping done, then we all had ice cream. Hubby also got to schedule a little play time, so he went out for drinks with a friend while the kids and I finished up the day redeeming some of my freebie coupons at Victoria's Secret.

Thursday was Thanksgiving, of course! We did double duty this year, by stopping at mother-in-law's for an hour or so before heading to my brother's for dinner. Maggie was so excited to spend the day with her cousins! She said she loves making three-year-old Olivia laugh. She sure is good at it! We digested our food while the kids played in the new remodeled basement, and the men-folk watched a movie in the new basement theater.

Friday we originally planned to go to Frankenmuth to visit Bronner's Christmas store and then have a famous chicken dinner (the dinner is famous, not the chicken personally). But mommy was a little under the weather, so we just chilled at home most of the day and then headed to Applebee's.

Saturday became the new Frankenmuth day, but first hubby headed back to my brother's with his brother to get a cast-off (but still working) TV that would fit fabulously at his mom's house. It took them a few hours, but I'm sure the bigger TV is worth it. Once he got back (and headed back out again to get Arby's shakes for us once we found out he ate there without one!), we all got it in gear to head to Frankenmuth! The stop at Bronner's Christmas store was derailed because of an accident blocking the road on our way in. Our dinner reservation already wasn't til 7:15, but we certainly couldn't stand to be any later than that!

Sunday Maggie and I made it (late, but we made it) to church. She loves her Sunday School class. After church we made our traditional bagel stop, and then hurried home to get to work on decorating. One tree had been put up on Saturday, but there was still one more to put up, and lots of ornaments to be hung. Hubby also put a few finishing touches on the outside lights he'd started earlier, and even used one of my Home Depot coupons I earned back around halloween by killing zombies :) I love when my mad skillz come in handy.

It was a long, crazy, busy, super-fun weekend. I think Maggie declared each and every day 'the best day ever.'

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siteseer said...

what a full weekend. We did a lot of the same stuff. Brought the tree upstairs, but still need to decorate it. I thought we left it decorated, but we didn't :(