04 November 2012

Poetry Pantry

Huh. I went looking for something new today and found the Poetry Pantry. As I'm sure would please whoever created it, it's made me think about writing poetry again. This is indeed saying something, as I don't think I've written poetry since college.

Since they welcome second chance poems or first time shares, I've pulled this ole beauty out of the archives for you all today.

From 1997, a poem I wrote for a writing class. It was some particular type, but I don't remember the name. The lines had to all end with the same words, somehow...

She blindly followed her heart
She chased the clamoring music
Although all she grasped was the cold dead smoke of echo
Relentless she continued in quiet quest of dreams. 

In the lonely shadow of pounding music
She felt her fingers slip helplessly through the echo
Like the syrupy lifeblood in her heart
She still remembered the candied sweetness of dreams. 

It was the depth of her dreams
Almost drowned with her heart
That distorted the echo
But was bouyed by new music.

She must sacrifice the echo
And dispel the disease from her dreams
Surrendering thought to the warm arms of music
Would breathe life into the hollow of a heart.


siggiofmaine said...

WoW. A piece of hard work here. I sort of remember having long ago to do a similar exercise. Not an easy task, and I may have given up.
Thank you for sharing...and for your explanation.
Siggi in Downeast Maine, USA

Sam Jamieson said...

Nicely written poem, nice to see you picking up the pen again!

Sabio Lantz said...

Interesting. Wonder how the present YOU looks back on the OLD you --
did you "sacrifice the echo"