02 November 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Ugh. The money is going way faster than the month already!
  2. I can't believe I'm already trying to schedule JANUARY! I need to commit to a conference by November 5 for early bird registration, and I'm already getting requests for chocolate tasting shows too.
  3. I just signed up for 'A totally fun mixer powered by  LoseYourExcuseNow.com'. I can't wait!
  4. If you saw my last Sexy Saturday, you'll know I find Jensen Ackles attractive. I tried to watch his show, Supernatural, but it was way too scary :( But now a friend tells me it isn't as bad after the first episode. Should I go for it one more time??
  5. And speaking of sexy Saturday...what should I write about tomorrow??
  6. Must. Get. Motivated.
  7. The trees at the front of our house lost nearly all of their leaves in the wind and storms earlier this week. But the tree outside my office window is still partially green - WTH?
  8. Tonight is Phineas & Ferb - YAY!
  9. I'm feeling like cleaning the office again. Think I can get a bit done today? Only time will tell. That, and whether Jack is content to play by himself for a bit.
  10. Step one: Quick shower and put on clean clothes (I was so cold last night, I slept in my shirt, with a sweatshirt thrown on over it. And of course my penguin PJ pants. The pink ones..I actually have two pair.)

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