26 October 2012

Really My Fault (This Time...)

Nowadays, it's so easy to make one computer look like another (I think) since it's mostly about the programs I use every day. A few months ago we got a new computer for me after mine went kerplunk. Hubby says it's much faster than my old one was. I remember noticing it at first, but I figured I'd gotten used to it already.

Lately, I've almost been thinking my computer is slow again, until I realized it's all my fault this time. I squeeze out a few minutes each morning to see what I've missed in the land of the internets. This involves briefly checking my Facebook (but not much, since it's on my phone too), then checking my chocolate site, and then opening Ghosts of Mistwood and Bejeweled Blitz for a little bit. Graphics much? Of course my computer is slow - I think I'm choking it with my idea of a little 'fun'!

What games do you like to play, whether or not your computer appreciates them?

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siteseer said...

I do Bejeweled Blitz and Word with Friends.