02 October 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Yeah. Menu Plan...about that. Last night we ate at Applebees - obviously not on the plan. I had the Chipotle Cream Steak and Shrimp. Pretty tasty :)

It's a rainy-ish morning here, so hubby took Maggie to the bus stop without Jack and I. But we planned it when we first woke up, so poor Jack is still hanging in his PJs. See, there's a rule around here. If the baby's happy, don't mess with it. I made the rule, and I'm the enforcer. Given all this, I certainly can't be the one to break the rule, can I?

Have you seen Call the Midwife on PBS? I'd seen the commercials (since the kids usually watch PBS) but I admittedly can never catch a show when it actually airs (Netflix is my friend). Luckily BerryMorins Bits and Tips mentioned it with the link, so I just may be able to watch it in fits and starts between all my other projects this morning :)

As rainy-ish as it may be, I still need to show up for my offered volunteering at Maggie's school this morning (and to pick up my Market Day order), and get the chicken broth and gravy that I forgot when grocery shopping yesterday. Jack and I were going to exchange a couple birthday gifts and turn some clothes in at the resale shop, but that can wait for clearer weather.

I've applied for my test-scoring job again. Keep your fingers crossed for good timing on the scoring, and a decent project!


gretchen said...

Netflix is my BFF too! I never see anything when it's first on the air. Your rain weather sounds heavenly!

Stacy Uncorked said...

We had a rainy-ish day here today, too - complete with muggy humidity.

I love Hulu+ - a majority of the shows I like can be seen the day after they air (since I never sit and watch 'live' TV any more - really, who has time?) I've thought about getting Netflix because there are some things you can only watch there... :)

Keeping my fingers crossed for the test-scoring job! :)

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siteseer said...

I don't have to do a weekly menu lol We make goulash or other pot meal and eat it all week lol.. Dad had the last of the goulash at lunch. Tonight, Salmon and baked potato.