22 October 2012

Menu Plan Monday

This is getting to be like most people's version of visiting the dentist (although I really don't mind visiting the dentist). I'm honestly not a fan of cooking, and meal planning is the same stuff for me. But it's good for me, so I try to make a plan early in the week to take a little stress away later on...

MONDAY:  Meatballs & gravy, mashed potatoes, corn


WEDNESDAY: Hearty Beef Stew (from the school's Market Day)

THURSDAY: Huh. I'm really stumped for Thursday. The school scheduled Spooky Adventure from 6 - 8. Hubby gets home a little after 6 usually, so he'll be rushing here. And the kids start getting ready for bed by 8. Probably grilled cheese and soup...

FRIDAY:  Fend for yourselves day. I leave for work about 4:30, so hubby and the kids will eat once he gets home :)

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