29 October 2012

Melancholy Monday :(

I don't know why it gets to me. 'Listening' to everyone worry on Facebook about the storm and the shooter today is really running me down. So I was trying to focus on the one other thing I had going on today - a sales meeting - til I got a message that it's canceled. Oh well.

I'm sure you all have heard about the storm. Hubby says we're just outside the edge of it, which is to say we're having a regular rainy (although exceptionally windy) day. What it makes impossible to forget, though, is that those further south and east of us are getting way, way worse. They're putting up the pictures of flooding and trees down, while I have nothing immediately worse to worry about than my garbage can blowing down the street. And of course there is absolutely nothing I can do for them, but I still worry.

The shooter may be a little less publicized story. Right near the town where I grew up, which is about an hour from where I am now, someone has been shooting cars on the expressway. It's been escalating for a couple weeks, I think. He finally actually hit a person over the weekend (shot em through the car door, right in the butt). This morning there were Facebook rumors flying of police having caught the suspect and dragged him out of his car at gunpoint. I believe that's all been proven not-quite-true and the suspect is still at large. What's been confirmed (in my understanding) is that both of the major expressways in the area were closed due to another shooting, and both of the school systems nearby were on lockdown. Add to that the people innocently driving through the area in cars matching the description of the possible suspect's car, who are being pulled over and searched because they drive a black car. Again, there's nothing I can do, but I still worry.

And lingering in the back of my mind at the same time is an incident from the weekend where people I really do know were victims of violent crime. It's not my story to tell, and it's not 'news' I can tell you I read elsewhere, so I'll only ask for prayers for them, and justice to their attackers. There's nothing I can do, but I still worry.

Hopefully all of this will start receding in my mind so the paralyzing melancholy can pass and I may accomplish something today, instead of just dwelling on things about which I can do nothing. Except worry.

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