01 October 2012

Happy Birthday Jack!

Happy First Birthday to Jack!

Commonly known as Jack-Jack ;) You are such a light and a joy. Your happy face is so much more than just a smile - it's every part of you smiling at once! I love to watch your serious face. You consider and evaluate everything before you share each smile or funny grunting face.

As a baby, you were as even-tempered as your sister. You were perfectly content to chill out while we did what we needed to do, then gratefully latch on to nurse and nap for hours on my lap. Knowing you're my last baby especially, I would sit there to just watch the satisfaction on your relaxed face.

Now I believe you are just about qualified as a toddler already! I hear your squeaky shoes all the time as you explore the toys from your box one at a time. Out in public you revel in other's delight at your determined, and squeaky, stride. They laugh and ask about your shoes, and you laugh right back, sometimes adding a few claps in for good measure.

I wondered for a time if there'd be another small one after your sister, and here you are. I am so thrilled to spend each day with you, and so humbled and grateful you chose us to be your family. <3


SplitScreen said...

Words that only a loving mother can write. :)

siteseer said...

he's a cutie to be sure. So glad he's our grandson :)