09 September 2012

Still Projects To-Do...

I got a few things done lately that have been on my list, but not one of the projects that has been there the longest. In fact, I've enhanced the project to be a bit more involved, but still haven't accomplished anything on it. Ugh.

See, after the door broke off of Maggie's baby dresser, I didn't want to pitch it. There are bookshelves on the side opposite the missing door, and two drawers underneath. It's also white, which already matches the rest of her furniture.

I found this fabulous idea on Pinterest to make the now open side of the cabinet into a stuffed animal 'cage.' The furniture I'm working with is of course a little different than the one in the tutorial, so I'm not entirely sure if I'll need a flange to hold the straps in place or anything...hopefully someone more knowledgeable with tools will help me with the finished project.

To further extend my to-do list, I also got the materials to make an awesome sign for alongside the new display of her menagerie. The expression I'm using from Uppercase Living says, "Please Don't Feed the Animals - They're Stuffed." Get it? Hahahaha.... I also got the board to put them on, so all I really need to do is get off my duff and finish it all!

Wish me luck!


siteseer said...

looks cute. wonder if you could just staple (heavy duty stapler) 1" elastic in a grid to make the bars. sounds simple.