29 September 2012

Sexy Saturday

When you think of sexy lingerie, what stores come to your mind? Unfortunately, Victoria's Secret isn't on my list as much for a while, but the clerk there didn't want to take no for an answer :(

I drove a town or two away yesterday to redeem some Victoria's Secret coupons. I had one for a free pair of panties, and another for $10 off any purchase. Yay! The store closest to me is an 'outlet' and doesn't take any coupons. This already bummed me out a little bit toward them, because some of the other stores in the outlet mall still take their store coupons, but not Victoria's Secret. Whatever.

When I walked into the store a couple towns away, I first found a clerk to make sure I knew where to select my free panties from. She pointed me in the right direction and asked if I had the $10 coupon as well. Heck yeah! She asked if I planned to use that for a discount on a bra. I sadly had to tell her no, they didn't have any bras that fitted my needs. When she asked what size I wore, I told her 'nursing.' Then she suggested one of their styles. I asked if it had hooks at the top. Of course it didn't, but she wanted me to look at it anyway. I finally firmly told her I wouldn't be looking for a bra there for probably another year or more, as I need my son to be able to access his food. She walked away, but I still don't think she got it.

I believe Victoria's Secret test marketed nursing bras in a few places for a while, but I never saw them personally. Sexy nursing bras are hard to find! The two I wear, over and over, for going on four years now, are the most boring things ever. I have one in beige, and the other in black. The styles are identical.

My bewbs used to be one of my most...erm...noticeable features. I suppose they still are, but now more for their function than any degree of sexiness :(


Michelle said...

With my second child, I ordered nursing bras from JC Penney...I got a pink lacey one! Woo hoo! It had the snaps and folded down. I actually liked them much better than my Motherhood sports bra style ones. What was that Vickie's Secret lady thinking?? You cannot wear a regular bra while nursing! Good luck!

siteseer said...

she's just trying to make a sale lol too funny