18 September 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


What's this? I'm all random before noon??

I've only got a few minutes before we head to the library for story-time. And actually, if it's crowded I won't stay, because we'd have to leave early anyway for our lunch plans. I don't want to take someone else's spot and then only stay for half of the story-time.

I'm getting my hair cut again! I've been growing it out mostly because hubby likes it long. And it's just hair, so I didn't care enough to argue about it, or do something I knew wouldn't make him happy just because. But he said he was looking through some old pictures and remembered it looked pretty good short, and if I want it cut, I should get it cut. Okay!

My goal this week is just to get through this coming weekend. I have two chocolate tastings plus a baby shower on Saturday (which also commits my Friday to prep), then a chocolate tasting at our house on Sunday, followed immediately by the homecoming parade, in which Maggie is marching and twirling her baton. Next week I'd love to do a little more work in my office. You know, while planning Jack's birthday party for that weekend.

Figures, Jack is having a nice morning chilling with his toys in the family room, and we're on our way out the door for hours on end. I guess he already picked up on my good mood, so he's rolling with it :)

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