04 September 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I was already off track last week. Throw in a holiday Monday this week and I may never know what day it is again!

Go enter my contest here. Yes, folks, it's a giveaway with no difficult requirements. So far there's one entry, so your odds are good ;)

I'm remembering why my Dove Chocolate Discoveries Artisan Butter Toffee has lasted so long. They are so rich and delicious!! I'm having a chocolate craving, so I brought two to my desk, and I only finished one. My sweet tooth is satisfied already.

Sneak preview: Do you have a favorite variety of Hamburger Helper? I sure do - but actually it's chicken helper. I'll tell you all about it later this week :)

And now, I'm off for the glass of wine in the picture, and our next recorded episode of Breaking Bad.

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