27 September 2012

Not Today!

Yes, I'm having the dreaded lazy day. I have plenty to do, packing for a big event this evening promoting Dove Chocolate Discoveries, but I just want to relax, maybe take a nap...

For tonight's event, I'm going to fire up the ol tempering unit and melt some fabulous Dove Chef-Series Dark Chocolate. I'll use small pretzel sticks to pierce mini-marshmallows and dip the marshmallows in the chocolate to line up on parchment paper so visitors can indulge in a bite of sweet & salty decadence. I've also prepared our Raspberry Chai dip (with Cool Whip) and will have cinnamon graham sticks for dipping. Last but certainly not least, I'll have a dish of our Dark Chocolate Covered Fruit Collection, which is the gift with purchase for orders placed next month. Come to think of it, I'll put out a small dish of our Choco-Granola Fruit Crunch too, since that's what they'll receive for free if visitors place a $50 order with me tonight.

The organizer had a brilliant idea and is giving visitors one ticket for purchasing from any vendor tonight, and two tickets for booking a show with any vendor. Then she's giving away donated door-prizes (note to self: don't forget the door prize you offered!). I'd love to sell $100 worth of product and book two more shows for October.

Ready, set, GO!

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