02 September 2012

Dear Netflix

Dear Netflix:

I mostly like your new (okay, probably a couple months ago) feature where you have Netflix Kids or regular Netflix entry pages. I can leave my five-year-old to pick a show and hang out for a few minutes while I tend to the baby. Yay!

But then when I log into regular Netflix for some grown-up chill time? I'm completely hosed. See, you take everything my daughter has watched through Netflix Kids and you add it into my Recently Watched. And use it to influence my recommendations. Now? I can't find anything besides unicorns, mermaids, and Sesame Street (the baby's usual choice) on my Netlix recommendation screens. Really?

Let's not focus on the fact that obviously my children watch Netflix shows more often than I do - when I have 23 minutes or so to watch an episode while I wait for them to get back from the store with daddy, I can't find anything that's not animated unless I dawdle all the way over to the Search page. Which also implies that I should know what I want to watch.

The two different entry pages are pointless and have killed my whole grown-up Netflix experience. I'd rather you have put a filter on the whole silly thing.


A mom who actually does not consider She-Ra a valuable recommendation for her own viewing pleasure

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