10 September 2012

A Little Brisk

I hate being cold, but fall is my favorite season, so I never really complain about the chill in the air until it's too late. For now, I'm just enjoying getting my hoodies out again (although I heard the next few days are in the 80s again) and feeling relieved that the pressure to landscape is gone for a few months.

Since before we moved into our house last May, there's been a bare spot in the front landscaping where there obviously used to be a tree. Eventually I'd like to put a pedestal and gazing ball, or maybe a thinking man statue. Something that doesn't need to be watered, and doesn't have standing water to encourage mosquitoes.

It'll happen, but now I can confidently say it won't happen for at least five or six months, and that's okay. :)

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siteseer said...

the gazing ball sounds like fun