31 August 2012

10 Random Things for a Friday

  1. And at the eleventh hour, karma had my back. Or the universe, or somebody's god, or something! Thanks for all the prayers and good thoughts sent my way - I made my business goals for the month :D
  2. Which makes it a truly spectacular month since my desk looks better than it has since it's been assembled here. I have one small pile of paper that I'm sure can be eliminated once I quickly thumb through it, then I'll really feel like I know what's here, and why!
  3. It makes me happy to look at my nice Longaberger basket with my nicely sorted Sharpie markers. I've sort of got a thing for Sharpie markers.
  4. It's too bad it's so late already. I'm totally buzzing from my business success and my mind is going a mile a minute. I don't feel like I'll be able to sleep a wink!
  5. What would a random post be without a weather comment? I'm amazed at how hot it is again - ugh! My legs are somehow all bruised up, and I have nothing resembling a tan. I want to wear jeans, but it needs to cool off a bit first.
  6. If anyone is psychic, can you please let me know where Maggie's missing library book is? We never even read it! I checked under the seats in my car, thinking if we hadn't read it, maybe it never made it in the house? No luck so far. And of course I've already looked in her room pretty well, and under the furniture in the living room and family room... Hmmm...
  7. I'm so happy with my desk, but then I see the boxes not yet unpacked that I somehow didn't even touch this week. Hopefully my motivation keeps flowing.
  8. I try not to say anything around my emotionally vulnerable daughter, but I'm going to miss her SO MUCH when she's at school all day! And worry! 
  9. August is essentially done, but I really need to book some more chocolate tasting shows for September. I had four, but one canceled today. My goal is always six, but my time is severely limited now that I'm working around Maggie's school schedule and hubby's new job schedule.
  10. I was supposed to go grocery shopping today, but I only made it out of the house as far as the mailbox. And then there was no mail in the box.

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