06 July 2012

Soon, Soon.

I've got a totally weird reason for wanting my baby to grow a little older. He is my last baby, so none of my reasons outweighs my wanting him to stay a baby for a little longer, but we were starting to be able to function a little more like 'regular' with Maggie being a bit older.

I miss road trips. I honestly think Jack could handle it, but he's given hubby a hard time a few times in the car, so he's a little nervous about planning anything til the baby's a bit more consistently cooperative.

Although I don't have the same travel bug as hubby, I kind of like losing track of the time and watching the miles go by. Grabbing dinner on the other side of a glass door from the crazy truck stop where they sell a trucking gps right next to a coffee cup as big as your head, just down from the 'clean' showers (okay, I've never seen the showers, hopefully they are clean!).

We tended to function pretty much the same as always when Maggie was a baby, but adding another one to the mix has complicated things for a couple years, I think. But having two adds a whole lot more fun at home - there's no where else I really need to go!

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siteseer said...

the more the merrier :) Jack will be older before you know it. You're doing a great job of enjoying him right now. Good for you.