04 July 2012


I love my cat. I do! Not like some crazy, cat-obsessed people I know, but she's been through a lot with me, so I really try to keep her happy and comfortable...and out of trouble! Sometimes that means just watching out for her and making sure her chubby butt has access to her litter box (and not locked in a bedroom somewhere), and sometimes it may mean things like leather furniture repair.

Honestly, I think the hole was in the couch when we got it. That's a risk with hand-me-down furniture. I really can't see paying someone to professionally fix it, since it looks pretty 'well loved' in many areas, but I worry about the hole getting bigger. Has anyone ever tried slapping some nail polish or other substance on a pierce/hole? Let me know what has worked for you - until then, I'll keep pretending I don't see it, since I'm sure some people around here would blame the cat. ;)

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siteseer said...

just take some black magic marker and lightly dab a the hole. That should disguise the stuffing that lets the hole show. As far as it getting bigger, if it's leather it shouldn't. we have a couple of little scratches from said cat and just some leather cleaner seems to disguise it pretty well.