06 July 2012

Less Planning, or More?

I feel like I need to start all over with my planning research. See, I'd spent years figuring out how to get more out of small spaces. You know, where to fit in a corner fireplace, or a bookshelf hidden in a nook. But now, we have a lot more house than we used to! All my cute, cozy ideas would look ridiculous when there's room for so much more.

I actually have found one of the fun ideas I used to entertain that will work really well in our house in a few years. Not only do we have more horizontal space, we also have high ceilings. I was talking with the previous owner of the house (hey, she's still friends with other neighbors, so I ran into them) about how small my baby boy's room is, and she said they had set up a loft for their son in that room. Of course! Use the high ceilings to essentially add a part of another whole layer to the room. I just hope I remember it again when he's old enough to make it up there ;)

1 comment:

siteseer said...

you'll remember and if not he'll think of it on his own. Great idea. Wonder if Maggie will want one too?