06 July 2012

Car Idea

I've had some great ideas over time. One of the most recent was thought up as we were dealing with my flat tire a week or two back. In a nutshell, I'd had a nail in it for a while, so I was carrying around a jack waiting for it to die on me, but it was nice enough to die in the driveway. Which would have been good, except I had some funny locking lug nuts or something, and the previous owner of the car kept the fancy key.

Abbreviating a very frustrating story again, there's no way to get them off besides cutting, and no way to get the key short of finding the guy who has it and beating him til he gives it up. So we had the car towed to the dealership, all of the lug nuts cut off, and the dead tire replaced.

Maybe this should have been a random post? My idea (in case you were worried I'd never get here) is that replacement tires should be covered with the price of the car. Not fancy tires or anything, but replacing what's already there once it goes bad. Because the car always has to have tires to run, right? At least to get anywhere.... So how convenient would it be to know your payment (or if it's paid off, just your title) gets you the tires you need to stay on the road?

Sure would have made our day easier, especially with the complicated lug nut drama.

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not a fun day.