27 April 2012


Last week hubby informed me that the Michigan law regarding motorcycle helmets was repealed. What?? I seem to be more annoyed than most people I know. Folks seem to think that you can't regulate stupid, and if riders don't use enough common sense to wear a helmet, then they may not end so well, but what can you do?

My take is that helmets are similar to life preservers in a boat - a huge help in living through some otherwise potentially minor incidents. The reason it makes me mad to make helmets an option is because one way to die from a motorcycle crash is by hitting/being hit by an automobile (duh). If my auto is the one you hit, I seriously couldn't stomach the guilt if you died, even if it was because you legally chose not to wear a helmet. Is it really just me who would totally freak out over that?

Dear Michigan motorcyclists: Please wear a helmet, even if you don't have to. Wear it because it's just a much better decision...

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