06 April 2012

American Idol

Post contributed by Noah Schmidt

I have not gotten into American Idol this season. I usually only get into it if I start watching it from the beginning of the season. When this season started we were in the middle of switching cable providers, so I did not watch the first week. Then we got satellite TV from tvbydirect.com, so I started recording the show each week. When I finally found the time to actually watch the show, I found myself fast-forwarding through the episodes and not really enjoying it, so I decided that I will try again next season. I am impressed that the show has been successful for so long. I thought that the show would end when Simon Cowell left since he was the most memorable judge on the show. However, I really like the judges that they chose to replace Simon and Paula. Steven Tyler is my favorite judge on the show now. I think that he is genuinely a nice person and that he cares about the contestants. I think that Jennifer Lopez also cares about the contestants. Maybe I can get into watching the show next season.

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