20 March 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


I remember reading somewhere that the host of Random Thoughts for Tuesday has changed, but the heck if I can find the energy/time/motivation to go find the new link and update my picture-y thingy. Oh well.

The boy baby fell asleep on our bed while I got ready for bed. So I'm taking these few stolen moments to try and post so no one thinks I've totally disappeared. And to feel like I may have had an independent thought this week. Maybe.

I tried putting on my new Jamberry Nail Shields today. Gotta say, not really impressed. They seem to be getting worse as the afternoon goes on, instead of me feeling better about them. I really wanted to like them, but they just are not staying stuck to my nails. Maybe once I'm done paying for preschool I can actually start having my nails done again. We'll see...

I'm getting the confirmation stuff for my Punta Cana trip! On Saturday my FedEx package with my new beach towel and waivers to return was received. Then I got stuff about flights. But I feel like the excitement lasts a few minutes and then I start getting more and more nervous about the whole thing. I need to get more milk stored up. And I have the same sense of dread that I do when I have surgery. Totally freaking me out.

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