12 March 2012

No Hubby, No Dinner

Am I the only one who doesn't make dinner if I'm the only adult present? At four-years-old, Maggie is satisfied with a sandwich or a bowl of cereal any time. And I'm never really motivated to cook for just me. So tomorrow, when hubby utilizes the truck and trailer hitch to pick up new toys from the airport right after work, I've canceled dinner. Of course we'll still eat something, but I certainly don't need to plan anything close to a production. When we get hungry I'll either start warming some leftovers, make up a few sandwiches, or start cutting up the kielbasa and boiling water for good ole Kraft Mac & Cheese. When hubby is around at the appropriate time, I really try to make a decent dinner. But when he's out and about and probably enjoying dinner out with a few beers and buddies, I'll take a lazy night :)

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Are you kidding, even with hubby home I make leftovers, sandwiches or maybe even pancakes!