01 March 2012

Am I Smarter Now?

Sorry...I couldn't resist that last quiz! I've been working my way through watching all the old seasons of Ugly Betty via Netflix. Sometimes I watch a few in a day (probably shouldn't be telling that around ;) ). Without cable, I figure there aren't that many current shows I'd get into, and it's so hard to watch something on the network's schedule.

 So after a few minutes of 'me' time each evening, I plant my butt in front of the tv to nurse the baby and just veg out. I don't think I could consider smart tv or documentaries on bio identical hormone replacement therapy lazy enough, so I'll stick with dramadies just a few years old. Need a summary for any of the episodes toward the beginning of season four? That's where I'm at now. Don't worry - I won't toss out any spoilers in case I've piqued your interest too ;)

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