09 March 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. Wow - this is the week for numbered lists for me, eh?
  2. I'm pushing my luck right now. The baby is starting to scream (he'd be happy if he were nursing), but it's so hard to type with him on my lap! So I'm giving the big kid her bath and throwing together a quick post first...
  3. Never mind #2 - he's got me wrapped around his little finger...so I'm now typing with him on my lap :)
  4. And in less than five minutes he's asleep. Now at least I'm fully dressed, with the baby on my lap, trying to type ;)
  5. Hubby's phone is supposed to be delivered today, so we're waiting for the FedEx guy (since a signature is required). Please let him wait and come after Jack's nap on my lap is done.
  6. While I love having my weeks free and chocolate tastings mostly on the weekends, I also love the fact that my only show for this week was last night. So now my weekend is essentially work-free!
  7. I started updating my 365 photography blog (which should have been a 366 for this year, but I digress...). I have a few more old pictures on the camera to put up, but then I really need to start trying again to take a photo each day.
  8. I'm having an Origami Owl party in a week :) If you'd like to check out their stuff, click here. If you place an order, at checkout it will ask if it's with a party - say yes! My party number is 7577.
  9. Have you 'liked' my Dove Chocolate Discoveries Facebook page yet? Go here!
  10. I feel so content and justifiably lazy with the baby asleep on my lap :)

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