14 February 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


Jack is my last baby, and I love snuggling him, but I feel like the rest of my life is slipping down the tubes! My office is even more of a disaster than usual, and I'm having a hard time finding things - ugh! I luckily just hustled through about an hour and a half of time with just Maggie questioning me incessantly about trivial things like the meaning of life, but I still feel really, really behind. This doesn't mesh well with the control freak inside of me, but I just can't stand to hear that boy fuss. Ahhh...well.

Miss adorable Maggie is thrilled to be going to the dentist tomorrow. She doesn't know yet that this is a unique response. I'm not telling her.

My Valentine's present from hubby is a new yoga ball!! Yay :) He and Maggie also delivered breakfast in bed to me - all her idea (thanks to Caillou ;) ).


The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

Sounds familiar! I'm lucky to have two kids who nap at the same time, tho! Sounds like a lovely Valentine's Day!

Cassie said...

I know the feeling. I feel like I should be doing more housework than I am. :-( I am not decided yet if David will be my last baby, but he might be, so I take every opportunity to snuggle with him. He uses this to his advantage when its bed time. I will say, "time for bed," and then he says "Snuggle with mom?" Awww, sure little man. :-)