03 February 2012

Getting My Girlfriend into Watching It's Always Sunny

Guest post written by Adam Hinton

When the last season of It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia was on, I wasn't dating my girlfriend. But now that we're spending all types of time together and watch lots of TV together, I wanted to make sure that we would both want to watch mostly of the same shows together. The one I've really been looking forward to watching again this fall is It's Always Sunny. I've been a fan of the show now for years and I just couldn't imagine my life without watching the show.
I've been following any hints about stuff for it that I could find with my Clear Tacoma and trying to catch my girlfriend back on stuff from last season.

We don't exactly have the same taste in music, so I was really worried about if she would end up hating It's Always Sunny in Philly, but I think that she's really starting to warm up to it. The comedy can be a bit abrasive if you're used to only normal sitcoms. But I think that we'll be watching it together this season.

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