24 February 2012

10 Random Things for Friday

  1. I really suck at updating the blog lately. I'll try to do better.
  2. I got another test-scoring job offer - yay!
  3. Why do I have totally random thoughts all day, but when it comes to listing out ten of them, I start drawing a blank...
  4. Although I'm a bit too nervous to make any sort of announcement so far, I am on track for Dove's fabulous trip to Punta Cana in May.....getting guardedly excited....
  5. My daughter is proud to tell anyone who asks her, "Who's the boss?" that it's Tony Danza. I'm so proud :D
  6. You'll be proud to know that I finally scheduled a dentist appointment for myself, but then hubby scheduled something at the same time. So I'm now waiting to re-schedule my dentist appointment. It will happen eventually. I think.
  7. I'm feeling the urge to use my 24 different colored Sharpies lately. Get ready to get organized.
  8. My office-supply-fetish self is also a little excited about the $50+ worth of copies I ordered the other day. I'm going to have nifty little binders showing all of our products nutritional labels, our career plan, and I'm starting on our company newsletters for as long as they're archived (just 2011 and a couple of 2010 so far...we'll see if they add more).
  9. And if you've noticed that I am slacking at updating this blog lately, you'd be really disappointed in my photo blog. I do have a few more days on the computer but not uploaded yet, but I certainly have not been doing much toward my photo-each-day goal. *Insert sad face.*
  10. I'm liking my hair much better using my new Wen products, but I'm still close to insane frequently over all the long hairs wrapping themselves around my fingers, and poor baby Jack!

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