03 January 2012

Random Tuesday Thoughts


You know how some days you have a ton of thoughts but don't feel right letting any of them out? Yeah, it's one of those days.

As much as I love getting back into routine, it isn't easy.

I'm disappointed in myself - only one phone call made today. The boy didn't want to be left alone, and I would be way too embarrassed to leave him screaming through even one other call.... And sad for my boy!
At least one call has to be made tomorrow (for Thursday's show), but I really hope I can do a few more than that and book at least one more show for January.

I'm bagging up all the maternity pants for charity, and a lot of the shirts. Some of the shirts I'll keep and try to avoid seeing the 'maternity' tag. I need the length to cover the top of my ill-fitting regular pants!

It's really, miserably cold outside. I'm not sure if it's good or bad that the temp is supposed to be back in the 40s by Friday. The change usually doesn't feel good, even if warmer is better than colder...

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Tammy said...

I agree with you on not knowing if it is good or bad that the weather is changing again. My head just doesn't like it. Jack will only be little for a short time enjoy it and hold him. He is so cute. I love the calendar you gave your mom.