20 December 2011

Spread the Word!

Have I mentioned lately that my 'baby brain' seems to be even more lasting this time than when I had Maggie? I've been cruising the internet looking at articles I used to be required to read, from sites like the American Marketing Association and such. I figure it isn't just material that still talks my language, it's also applicable to my current life, as much as I want to let it be. I love learning more about subjects like personal branding and knowing that it's especially pertinent in my business, since it is my personal rapport with hosts and guests that really helps my opportunities expand exponentially.

See, too many people think unless a business is indicated by custom brass plaques at the entrance, it's really just a cute little hobby. Direct sales may be a nice little sideline (or even time waster) for some, but it's also the way most females making more than six figures bring home the bacon! While I don't put nearly the effort into my business to expect such an optimistic return, I do consistently pay for Maggie's preschool tuition, and have a bit of walking around money, which is my goal.

I've considered investments like business signs and advertising, but it hasn't really seemed in my best interests previously. It could have been more pertinent before we moved, but now our house is a bit more off the beaten path, so no one would see anything unless I actually rented somewhere with more traffic to display it.I even went as far as buying a magnetic car sign once, but I really, really consider my car sort of sacred. I love it to an irrational degree, and the only modification I'll allow are my reindeer antlers and nose for a couple of weeks each year. ;) I almost wish I'd used a magnetic sign on my previous car, just so I'd know whether or not it really influenced people to contact me and do business.

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Tammy said...

You are great with people and you are very good at your job. You do live on a dead end not a good idea to put out a lawn sign. :)