15 December 2011

Sooner Rather than Later!

I'm still waiting!

I'm actually on 'vacation' from most of my business activities for the rest of the month/year. See, most people don't want to order anything right now that they know they won't receive before Christmas, so there isn't much point in my going out to try and sell it to them. I admittedly could still be getting orders if we had some sort of Retail System in place, but it hasn't trickled down to my level yet. I have processed more 'drop-ship' orders (costing a little more for shipping, to ship straight to the customer instead of a hostess) this year than ever before, but I really think it could be even more if they'd take me out of it and just let customers order online. Oh well.

In the meantime, I totally should be focusing on scheduling more home shows for January and February. Hopefully I'll get to it a bit more next week. My last show was just Monday the 12th, so I'm still breathing my sigh of relief at being done for a while after the big December rush. I just have to promise myself to get to it next week!

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