05 December 2011

So Far, So Happy :)

Of course I'm running behind today (I usually am...) but today it's worth it. Our little man kept giggling when I tickled his chin, so I kept doing it. Not the most productive way to spend a morning, but definitely the best.

And here's a nice one of his smile from yesterday. Hubby caught it while we were all playing on the floor together.

I love that he's starting to interact more, and he especially likes to smile at his sister. Picking her up from school is one of my favorite things to do, as she is so happy to see us, and he is so happy to see her :)

I still have a couple of other pictures so far that will make it up here. I desperately need to get caught up with blogging. I have every intention of posting my 12 days of Christmas again this year, but I'm obviously running behind.
Hopefully one night this week I'll make a dent in it, and then be all caught up next week once my chocolate shows are done for the year.

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