18 December 2011

Never Too Many Shoes!

Maggie did it again - gravitated to the shoes! She's always playing dress-up with my shoes while I shower. The other day she impressed me by setting aside an adorable pair of boots she can no longer fit her feet into and asking me to give them to a little girl who needed boots :)

But tonight when she received a doll with clothes and shoes, the shoes were the first items to be examined and tried on by the doll repeatedly (with assistance from all grown-ups in the area...).

I can't wait til she finds out how many shoes there really are in the world! Right now she thinks of school shoes, tennis shoes, flip flops, galoshes, and boots. Most specifically for her lately are her cowboy boots. She's probably already moved on and forgotten about her old squeeker shoes!

Just imagine once she sees and recognizes pumps, stilettos, Doc Martens, narrow shoes for women, loafers, kitten heels, biker boots, and peep-toes.

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Tammy said...

Love it!!!!