05 December 2011

Making a Change

Content by Sol Rosales

I have always lived in the city and really enjoy the amenities of urban life. I love seeing all the people walking on the sidewalks, some in a hurry to get somewhere important, some taking their time on a leisurely stroll. I walk to dinner, the movies, even the grocery store. I can usually find everything I need within walking distance and I love being able to get out and get fresh airwhile doing my errands. Recently, though, I’ve been thinking about making a change. As much fun as the hustle and bustle of city life is, I believe I’d like to slow down my pace and live out in the country. I think I could do without the amenities of city life except for being able to get online. Fortunately while looking around online I found http://www.wildbluedeals.com/satellite-internet/tennessee/d/dover/. I don’t have a serious plan yet about when and how I am going to make my move but at least now I know that the amenities of city life are only a click away!

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