12 December 2011

Make the Last One Count!

What's that? I've made it to the last day of Christmas with no mention of diamond earrings for women? Let's just operate under the assumption that I will never complain if you give me diamonds as a gift ;)

I've had this picture in my head for years of how I want my earrings 'done.' See, I've got four holes in my left ear, and three in my right. I want diamond solitaire earrings of graduating sizes in all but the bottom hole. I'm almost done, too! I bought a chip for that little fourth hole on the left years ago. Then hubby got me a pair of diamonds a little larger than I pictured (don't take that as a complaint!) for our anniversary one year. So now I could actually call it done with a pair a little smaller than last time. I'd just move the bigger ones down, and put the new ones in the hole above the existing one.

See? And people call women high-maintenance....

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