09 December 2011

Good Fun!

Remember when people looked at you oddly if you said you had friends from the internet? Nowadays, those are some of the best friend I have! One forum in particular that I belong to puts the 'L' back in LOL. Although I've met only about half of them in person, just reading a thread can have me practically needing incontinence products at disposablemedicalexpress.com (frequently the thread even devolves to a discussion of leaking when we laugh, since we're all moms too!).

I can't even imagine being a mom without the internet. It's so hard some days to get both kids ready to go somewhere, and still have the gumption to make myself presentable. Computer friends make it so even on the not-so-energetic days (which there seem to be too many of), I can have some good fun with friends, even if it's just the few minutes of reading a thread or a few posts.

Thanks to my friends who live in my computer!

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