09 December 2011


Most of the time lately, I just feel like a primarily not-intelligent milk cow. Don't get me wrong, I love being home with my kids! But from time to time, I love when a news story catches my eye that makes me feel sort of, well, smart.

I just noticed the words 'search engine optimization' applied to local search marketing, and it really got my attention, in a former internet marketing professional geek sort of way. There were just a few companies I worked with back in the day, but now it looks like someone called triangle direct is bringing the focus to more local results.

This is something that could definitely be more applicable once my chocolate business has an online ordering option. While I'm happy to ship orders anywhere, I'd definitely get more bang for my buck by working with customers closer to me, since we could potentially develop a more personal relationship.

I'll have to keep it in mind!

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Court D said...

You lost me at milk cow but I deeply relate to wishing I could be smart. Have an intelligent conversation about Rick Perry that doesn't involve me snorting over one of the You Tube spoofs. Have an intelligent conversation about anything for that matter rather than debate the benefits of using ice to color MerBarbie's hair faster.