29 December 2011

Auld Lang Syne

With just a few days left, I'm finally looking to the new year. Not quite busting out the Davidoff cigars or anything, but trying to organize for 2012.

I don't really have much desire to go do anything New Years Eve - I'd rather spend it with my kids (which is really saying something, as the youngest has been doing a lot of screaming today). They're generally fun to be around, and even if I don't feel guilty all the time that I'm away from them, hearing my daughter tell me how very much she misses me when I'm gone definitely reinforces that in spades. It's easier to just stay with them, and pretty entertaining anyway.

I have been trying to get my ducks in a row for work next month (which translates to launching next year). I've got five parties scheduled so far for January, but I should get at least three more on the calendar. Not because I really want to work eight parties next month, but because I have the leads from previous shows, and I can actually share some of the bookings with my expanding team. So it's a win/win.

I'm also trying to organize my blogging tasks and chocolate work into the three afternoons when Maggie will be at preschool each week. It just seems like way too good of an idea to pass up. But I know it will never happen if I don't have a schedule before she's dropped off each day.

Wish me luck!

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