29 December 2011

Are My Antlers' Days Numbered?

Okay, so I know I'll have to take the reindeer accessories off my car, and probably soon :( But why can't there be a comparable summer animal I can sport when the snow is gone?

Or maybe I should just leave the antlers and the nose? You don't see anyone taking off their suv bike rack because it's snowy and impractical for biking in Michigan in the winter, so where do the rules say there can't be [red-nosed] reindeer in the summer?

I'm pretty sure if I ran this argument past my four-year-old, we'd have a reindeer car until it fell apart - or (more likely) til hubby took it off when she wasn't looking. I suppose I should probably just take it off soon so we'll have it to put back on next year sometime after Thanksgiving...

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