23 November 2011

Shopping, Anyone?

Are you one of the lots of people who head out for the Black Friday sales? Somehow this year I think I'm even further removed than I was previously. I haven't actually headed out to shop the day after Thanksgiving since probably when I was in high school. This year's high-end financial plans for the big day are ordering Jack's birth announcements (better late than never, right?), and maybe getting an rv insurance quote or two - both activities I'll be enjoying from the solitary peace of my own office (if you can interpret 'solitary' as meaning with an infant on one's lap, and a four-year-old working from her parallel desk while asking hundreds of questions...).

I'm a little worried for some friends of ours who were over last weekend. They aren't from the U.S., and she asked me about all the hype. I warned her that while I didn't get into it myself, it would still definitely be crowded at nearly any retail establishment. When she asked me if that included Costco, I assured her that it did! Hopefully she gets her shopping done another time, or is at least prepared to handle the masses!

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