13 November 2011

Circus Review

Ringling Bros and Barnum & Bailey presents Barnum 200 was a fabulous show! Maggie and I went with a couple friends this time, while Daddy and Jack spent some quality time at home ;)

Since the show, Maggie has decided on a new career aspiration - she says when she grows up she will ride a baby elephant in the circus. With Jack. And she says Daddy and I will ride another elephant. I let her pick one souvenir to take home from the circus, and of course she went for a stuffed Barak the baby elephant (with blanket).

Even funnier side story? She was 'playing' doctor at her cousins' house, so I asked her if she was going to be a doctor now. Dear Maggie responded that she was just pretending to be a doctor, but she was really going to ride an elephant in the circus. Ooookay :D

One of her other favorite acts was a unique show with some balancing acrobats (okay, I'm making up their job titles as I go along...) that jumped onto these sticks held by other performers. What she liked (since at four she wasn't quite as stunned by their amazing athleticism) was the Chinese lion costumes at the beginning of the act. They reminded her of an episode of Caillou, which is enough to win her heart quickly.

We can't wait til the circus comes to town again!

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