23 October 2011

Weekend in Review

As I admitted a few posts ago, I'm having a hard time even remembering it's the weekend, after our mid-week trip last week!

Friday night found me still recovering from our trip! I did putter around enough to get mostly packed for my chocolate show on Saturday afternoon, as well as baking cookies to take with me. Baking is somehow easier after the four-year-old is in bed than with her 'help.'

Saturday we didn't have a lot of time before we needed to try and be on our way to mommy's 'chocolate work.' It was hubby's turn to sleep in, since I mostly just dragged my butt through Friday from complete exhaustion from the trip home Thursday night/Friday early AM. We made it out the door just before noon and were able to stop for a super-fast lunch at McDonald's before I headed to the hostess's house for the chocolate show.
It was good to get the first one under my belt. It wasn't a great show in terms of numbers, but the ladies were nice and it felt good to finally be working again.

Saturday afternoon we took a slow trip home, stopping to get Dairy Queen and pick up Jack's first pictures from Kiddie Kandids. I had great intentions about making some more scheduling calls for work, but I only got as far as calling a team member to help with entering an order.

Today started rough. I was very happy that Jack chilled on his own sleeper, so I could pull the covers up to my neck and snuggle in for a few minutes right before we all got up. Hubby's goal today was winterizing the boat, so he went and got that from storage while I hung out with the kids. Jack wanted my full attention, so I was finally able to make it to a shower at like 1PM.
This afternoon my mother-in-law came over for a bit. I think her plan was to love on the baby, but Maggie jumped in quick to have company playing in her room, and they dressed up and planned a wedding. Oh, to be four again!

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The Adventures of Grunty and Chubbs said...

You sound pretty productive to me! Especially since you have a new baby! :-)