05 October 2011

Life on the River

The Author of this post is Cheryl Martinez

We have developed our first new property in four years. When the recession hit hard, we decided to put all of our projects on hold until we knew that we would be able to make some profit and sell the units. The project is loft-style condos on the river about five minutes away from town. We designed them in a contemporary style. All of the units are energy-efficient with the latest and greatest, in attempt to go green and save the home owners money. The floors are stained concrete and each unit has exposed steel beams that are designed to look like aged cast-iron. We installed HOME SECURITY FAMILY alarm systems in each unit. The kitchen counter tops are also stained concrete and we put stainless steel appliances in each unit. Lastly, my favorite touch, are the home stereo system installed in each unit that has an iPod doc. So far, the response has been good because the designs are unique to the area. We are hoping to attract the young and hipster crowd. Hopefully, we can convince them to move out of the city!

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