15 September 2011

Spit and Polish

I don't consider myself to be particularly meticulous about my car. Sure, I like it to be clean enough to be comfortable, but since some days I feel like I live in it, I'm not surprised for it to have a 'lived-in' look, you know?

It may not have every fancy bell and whistle, but it has my nifty travel basket in the back, and there's another cloth tote that I like to keep in the car just for Maggie's toys. I accept that we have a bit of clutter, and I try to give it a place.

Hubby, on the other hand, would love to see a spotless car every time he gets in, but it's usually just him getting in the car. And that's usually for a trip to work and back, not to seventeen errands that involve picking some stuff up, and dropping other stuff off. When he gets home, he has nothing to carry into the house.

Periodically we try to reach a compromise. I make several trips into the house to get all of the 'leftovers' from multiple trips of shopping, pick-ups and deliveries, and Maggie's assortment of daily favorite toys. And then he'll admit at some point that it's as good as it will get.

Someday I won't have so many important errands, and special toys to haul, and pictures painted at school or a friends house. Someday I'll have time to sit and eat my lunch at home, instead of on the run to something fun that Maggie or I just can't stand to miss. My car may look forward to that day, but I sort of dread it. ;)

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siteseer said...

yup, life happens ;)