27 September 2011

Random Tuesday Thoughts


This would be a really good habit to get into - we just dropped Maggie off at preschool, and I've decided now would be a really good time to sit down and write a post. Yay, me!

Another habit that would be easy to slip into at this time would be a nap! I'm mostly resisting because I won't want to get up in time to go get Maggie again...I think the nap will be well-played when she's home safe and sound and wants to relax after school in front of the tv.

A couple weeks ago Maggie cracked us all up. We were at my brother's house, and Maggie and her two cousins were playing in the other room. All of a sudden we hear, "I'm okay! I'm okay!" from Maggie. She was on a ride-on toy a bit too small for her and flipped it. We chuckled a bit. The best part, though, was after dinner when we hear, "Oh no - not again!" and see Maggie and the toy flipped again. We couldn't stop laughing that time.

I'm still chuckling just re-reading that last blurb. I'm easily amused :)

It's finally getting too cool for flip-flops. And my tennis shoes are almost too small on my fat pregnant feet! I've got socks and shoes on today, but I have to wear them in the house too because there's no way I'm taking them off and actually getting them back on again. Sorry, hubby!

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siteseer said...

I was cracking up about that too lol Your brother says that O flipped it this week and said 'on no I flipped it'.... she loves her big cousin. :)