21 September 2011

Mystery Shows

Guest post of the week by Bradley Guthrie

I really like mysteries, always have, so when I got Direct tvI started looking for shows that would totally feed that addiction. I think my favorite ones currently are Unsolved Mysteries (who had any idea that show was still on!?) and there’s one called Cold Case that’s also pretty cool. I like the shows that are sort of like CSI but they’re real life, and they often have an actual resolution, which is gratifying. I don’t really get scared even though I live alone and I feel like maybe in a previous life I was supposed to be a detective or something. My friends all think I’m really weird when they come over and I’m watching some show about a horrible murder but what can I say? It’s just what entertains me and I think that’s what TV is all about at the end of the day! I like the creative and intellectual aspect of figuring out a crime and I don’t feel bad about watching something like this rather than, like, Jersey Shore.

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