08 August 2011

Weekend in Review

Sometimes a weekend without tons of highlights is just what we need, right?

Friday night I think we just chilled out...Oh, wait! Hubby met up with some friends who were in town for the evening as part of a bachelor weekend of sorts. After hanging out at a pub for a while, he headed home before they got to the 'steamy' part of the evening since he knew he had to work again Saturday morning.

Saturday morning hubby went to work while Maggie and I go ready for Mommy's chocolate work in the evening. Hubby came home in time to head out with us, and he and Maggie played at a nearby mall while I worked. After my show, we took advantage of a free entree coupon we'd gotten at Border Cantina.

Sunday morning found hubby heading into the office again. While he was gone, Maggie got a bath and I worked on some tidying up around the house. Once hubby got home, he found that the grass had not cut itself, so he worked on that while Maggie and I cleaned the basement playroom. I thought we'd done it after her birthday party a couple weeks ago, but I now doubt it. I found half-chewed candies, candy-wrappers, and toys that outright don't belong to us. I can only hope I would have seen these things if I'd cleaned the playroom in the past two weeks...
Once all of our cleaning efforts were expended for the day, we headed to the mall to get some more work clothes for hubby using some credit card rewards gift cards he had. Unfortunately they didn't stock anything in his sizes, but I was able to get a cute pair of pants and another maternity top that seems to actually stay covering my cleavage and my belly at the same time - yay!
Sunday evening one of hubby's friends arrived in town for an interview Monday, so he joined us for dinner and we visited for a bit.

All in all, I now think we did more than it felt like, but nothing really earth-shattering. And I'm perfectly okay with that!


Tammy said...

Sounds kinda busy to me. I like weekends where I get things done. Sounds like you did.

siteseer said...

sounds like a perfect weekend.