02 August 2011

Beach Trip

Contribution by Stevie Kirby

We got to the beach almost every summer and this one’s no different. We’ve already planned out the whole week and I found us a great place at the Outer Banks to stay at where we can be sort of off the grid but still close enough to restaurants and things that the kids won’t get antsy. Somehow every year when we plan a vacation it ends up being a whole nother job for me – who would have guessed the mom would have to do all the work, huh? This year my husband made me a list trying to be helpful and it had things on it like “call ALLhomesecurity.com” and “cancel the newspaper delivery.” It’s like he thinks I don’t plan our vacation every single year! Anyway, I’m excited to get out there and leave all the stress here behind. I just started a new job and that’s been a lot on top of the already big responsibility of being a mom and wife! Vacation is calling my name and it’s coming up soon…

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siteseer said...

enjoy your vacation.... if you figure out how to just go and not have to plan and pack and make sure everything is done while you're gone let me know. :) Sometimes it's just easier to stay home.